Do Herbs and Chemical medicines heal the same way?  

Do herbs and western medicine do the same thing, when it comes to healing the human body?  This question is posed to Experts and those of us who simply have our life and our health experiences.  Everybody is interested in feeling good and living long; why shouldn’t everyone know the difference between the two, herbs and chemicals? 

After I’ve eaten too much acid forming foods and eventually get acid reflux, is it healthy to take an antacid or ginger?  What type of herb works for graves disease? because the meds I am taking are making me nauseous.  When I come down with the flu should I head to the pharmacy for an over the counter flu kit or go with this blend of herbs to regain my health?

Today when you watch a commercial selling any type of medicine it comes at times with 20 seconds of possible ailments you can contract while ingesting the advertised product.  At the same time, the knock on herbs is that no one truly knows the right herbs to use and especially if they are not approved by the FDA.  So the fear is that you will possibly mix a toxic blend of herbs and overdose.  Which method of healing takes care of high blood pressure?  How do we get rid of it?

 Do we use HERBS or CHEMICALS?

Maybe it is best if we had a comparison chart between the two forms of healing.  A place where we could find some clear answers and boldly fight for health and life.  Here is a question that needs to be answered:  Are there laws to eating and drinking, and what are they?  In times past it has been said, “you are what you eat”.  So does food come into play?  No doubt, it has to because that is what passes through our bodies on a daily basis.

          Garlic vs Olmesartan
Cardoman vs Hygroton
 Ginger vs Lasix
            Hawthorne vs  Toprol XL Oral
               HERBS vs CHEMICALS

Check this comparison out and tell me if it applies or is it a consideration?  In order to make some jail house pruno (homemade wine), you need water, fruit or sugar and bread or a starch.  You put the ingredients in a container, bottle or jug and let it sit and shake it for seven to ten days.  Afterward, you will have a jug of alcohol to drink at your leisure.  Now with that recipe considered, let us look at a person that eats a lot of subs and sandwiches with white bread, that is the starch.  The same person drinks a lot of sodas and eats candies and cakes, that is the sugar; seeing that the body is primarily made up of water, there we have all the ingredients to make pruno.  That same person does not drink appropriate amounts of water a day or in a week and you can imagine the toxic atmosphere being brewed inside of the body of that person even though they appear totally healthy.

We invite the expert doctors, nurses, hygienist, herbalist, acupuncturists and all health counselors to post the reason for your persuasions!!!

Let everyone know why it is healthier to medicate the body with chemical medicines rather than herbal medicines or herbal over chemicals.  We aim to create a true comparison with this blog for our followers to have a better insight to health and life.  I posed the question of high blood pressure earlier and want to ask our resident doctors to post their approaches to treating and healing a patient with the disease.  We all probably know of people who have hypertension and see what effect it has on them.  Some folk utilizes natural remedies while others turn to modern medicines.  We encourage the actual person with the disease to post a response to this blog and tell of your experience with herbs or chemicals.

An older couple in their late 70’s, in fact, 80 for the husband.  They both were diagnosed with hypertension over 20 years ago and have been taking chemical medicines ever since.  Although the medicines have side effects which seem to not bother them, the two of them continue on with chemical applications.  They say that kidney disease runs in the family in reverse; their son developed kidney failure at the age of 8, and years later the wife’s mother and brother were diagnosed with kidney failure and they both eventually passed.  Kidney damage and loss can sometimes stem from hypertension.  So do we need to associate ourselves with our family diet as a key factor in diseases that run in the family?  Often it has been said that “it runs in the family”.  Maybe the family has to consider and think of ways to cure the ailments and do better than just treating them.  Some believe that the key to living a good healthy life is according to what you eat and drink.  All natural foods have life-giving properties and if prepared properly they will feed the system with true vitamins and minerals.  Here is another factor in the equation, now we have to make sure the food is natural, organic or not robbed of its life-giving properties.

That is the very essence of this blog, to create a hub of knowledge, know-how, and expertise, from both angles.  This month the focus is on hypertension, follow this blog and post to it.  We thank you.